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The Embroidery Barn was established in 2003, when then CEO Des Poulton of Exclusive Home Fashions established a CMT factory locally to produce up market Cotton Percale bed linen.

The local Embroidery Factories that were being used were not giving the CMT the quality required, or delivery time periods needed to satisfy the Market place. Research was done into the type of Machinery required to best suit the requirements of a very competitive market place.

A business Plan was set up, and Duncan Ross of then Bare Culture was approached to help set up a new Embroidery Factory. The Embroidery Barn as it became affectionately known was started in The Barn behind the horses on a plot in Harveston, honeydew, in Gauteng.

A Four Head SWF machine was purchased, and 2 staff members were employed! Production was slow and it soon became evident that more machinery would be required to fulfil the demands placed on The Embroidery Barn by the CMT factory, who had at this time taken on clients such as Edgars, At Home Foshinis, and Mr Price Home! In the first year a second machine was purchased, a Six Head SWF 15 colour state of the art machine! Des at this critical stage of growth was involved in a major car accident, and was in hospital for a year. Having luckily survived this and due to his injuries he was wheelchair bound for another year!

Out of necessity when Des Returned, he approached Vodacom to do their promotional Embroidery! This was the beginning of a complete change in direction for the Embroidery Barn, and a relationship was formed that has lasted a good 9 years.

Joy Lerm then Joined The Embroidery Barn, and through her total commitment she has assisted Des in building the Embroidery Business into one of the best Embroidery Suppliers in the country!